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Garrett Moon

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I'm the author of the 10x Marketing Formula, CEO/Co-founder at CoSchedule, columnist at, and a proud North Dakotan.

This is my blog, called Results, or Die! It includes my best tips about building, leading, and marketing your startup. I send out a free weekly email with my best tips.

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The Journey Is The Reward

Learning to do what you love doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. The problem is that we usually can’t define it well enough in the beginning. What is it exactly that we are supposed to be loving? We know that… Continue reading

Most People Don’t Like It

Scoffs. That’s what you usually hear when you start talking about doing what you love. Some love the idea. A few understand it. Hardly anyone gets it. To some, it sounds selfish. They would rather be doing what the were… Continue reading