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Garrett Moon

Hi, I’m Garrett

I'm the author of the 10x Marketing Formula, CEO/Co-founder at CoSchedule, columnist at, and a proud North Dakotan.

This is my blog, called Results, or Die! It includes my best tips about building, leading, and marketing your startup. I send out a free weekly email with my best tips.

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Are You Telling Your Startup Launch Story?

My startup launched recently, but going live wasn’t the beginning of our story. We already had an audience long before launch – a group of folks waiting with bated breath for our official arrival into the world. Every startup should be so… Continue reading

I Am Not A Creative Director

I think I was one of the only people in the history of high school to actually take up the guidance counselor on her offer to help me find the perfect career. I inquired, and she led me to an interactive… Continue reading

On Doing It Wrong

My startup is in the wrong city. Sure, my city is full of people that I know and love. Sure, it is familiar and welcoming to me. And of course, it has a weather pattern that I find natural. But,… Continue reading

Killing Your First Product

In 2011 we launched our first version of our social media dashboard product called “TodayLaunch.” In 2013, we killed it. There was little fanfare and few tears. It was the right thing to do. In some ways, I wonder what… Continue reading

I Used To Come In Late

I used to come in late, every day. It was a bad habit, but it wasn’t because I couldn’t get myself out of bed, it was because I didn’t want to come in early. Or, on time for that matter.… Continue reading